VINDA Brand Launch in Malaysia - IN.Deed Communications
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Vinda Deluxe (Vinda Group SEA)

About This Project

Malaysia’s First Vinda Deluxe Tissue Wedding Gown


To make the brand stand out in a crowded market when it debuts in Malaysia



IN.Deed stole the heart and mind of Malaysians when it partnered well-known designer Nurita Harith to create Malaysia’s first-ever tissue wedding gown that uniquely showcased the strength and softness of Vinda Deluxe tissue for the unveiling of the brand in the country.

The gown was meticulously customized for a real bride and worn at her registration of marriage event that was well-attended by family, friends and the media. To bring the concept to life on-ground and get more buzz on social media, IN.Deed engaged a lifestyle influencer and handicraft aficionado to produce a mini tissue gown craft that was inspired by the wedding gown, so that more Malaysians can experience first-hand how strong and soft Vinda Deluxe truly is.