Libresse: 'Let's Get Real' - IN.Deed Communications
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Libresse Malaysia (Vinda Group SEA)

About This Project

A Breakthrough on Period Talks with Libresse


To help Libresse break from the norm and level up on communication about period management



IN.Deed led the launch of the ‘Let’s Get Real’ campaign to trigger conversations and have women rethink what was depicted as “realities” in sanitary pad ads as well as their period experiences. Using a series of online polls which attracted more than 5,000 respondents, IN.Deed helped put a spotlight on honest consumer insights that acknowledged the challenges and hardships women encounter during their period.

To heat up the period conversation, IN.Deed brought together well-known actress Adibah Noor, female influencers Petrina Thong, a 29-year-old Malaysian woman who embarked on a solo 13-month trip across 22 countries with only RM800 in her pocket and vlogger Shazreen Fazlynda to “talk period” at an exclusive media talkshow hosted by popular Singaporean television personality, Gurmit Singh.